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So, You Are Wondering What To Expect In An Introductory Reformer Class?

The Intro Reformer Class is perfect for you when you are new to Reformer Pilates. You get to know introductory to basic exercises and experience all different positions on and around the reformer.

You start warming up lying on your back performing a couple of exercises.

Then you proceed to working your legs, abdominals with the hand in the straps before placing your feet in the straps to challenge your pelvic stability whilst moving your legs. Most people love exercises with their feet in straps. See if you love it too!

After you moved your spine lying down you go over into exercises standing on and next to the reformer to challenge your stability, stretch and strengthen.

Now you go into a new position: sitting on the box on top of the reformer bed performing arm work with hands in straps. From here you proceed to glutes work standing beside the reformer. Come sitting sideways on the reformer you flex your muscles on the sides of your body.

Before finishing your introductory class, you go into extension lying face down on the box hands in straps.

One final glute stretch will complete your very first reformer class.

How did you go?

Loving it?

Share your experience with us.

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